Day Twenty-Five – Well…

Make and vow.. and keep it..  and bring gifts.                                                      Psalm 76: 11

When Troop One arrived last week, I welcomed them to my third home (maybe second – New Hampshire and Philmont claim equal standing).  We all knew their itinerary for the next 10 days, and they insisted that I had to climb Mount Baldy (the tallest mountain here at 12,500 feet) with them, which I have climbed several times before.  But with last year’s fall and recuperation, I didn’t promise anything.  “I’ll try.”  So, I went to the Trading Post and bought a knee brace to try it out for a couple of days.

So today was the day,  With a little trepidation, I got up at 5:00am and was on the road to Baldytown at the ‘base’ of Mount Baldy and waited for them to come through on their way up from Black Horse Camp where they spent the night.  I had estimated the time they would wake up, and head on the trail and what time they would arrive and meet me.  After waiting some time, drinking coffee, greeting other crews ready to head up, I finally thought to look at the map.  “Duh!  There is a second route from Black Horse which intersects with the Baldytown route”  If I had thought of it sooner, I would have hiked up the Baldytown route and met them at the intersection, but I didn’t know when they would have passed there.

It was not meant to be.  And maybe that was best.

So I took a Baldytown staff member down to Base Camp (about an hour drive) and he was grateful to get down early in order to start some end of season paperwork he needed to do before he took his Day Off.  So God turned a cloud into a silver lining for this staff member at least.  And I thought, well, I’ll have time today instead to finish a couple of minor service projects I took on.

I land at Base Camp, deliver the staff member with repeated thanks offered, and immediately get a phone call from the top of Mount Baldy (yes, they had reception up there):  “We made it!”  And we determined what the next step was in the itinerary.  To make a long story less long, I drove back up and after a hike up the backside of Baldy, I met them for lunch and we spent the afternoon together.

So, the gift part of the Psalm:  They didn’t know that I had purchased fresh fruit and a watermelon for them.  After a week of freeze-dried meals anything fresh and fruity sweet was a delight.  I said I could have brought pizza, but the one place in Cimarron that sells pizza wasn’t opened yet when I drove through town.  They didn’t seem to mind, though.  Apples, peaches, oranges, watermelon (which we cooled in the mountain stream at French Henry Camp) were a gift from heaven.  French Henry was a gold mining area.  But alas, no gold nuggets were panned by our Troop.

Tell Sue that I DID NOT climb Mount Baldy!  But a mild climb up the backside to meet our Troop part way was very rewarding and enjoyable by all.

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