Day Twenty-One – Trail Food

Jesus told them to sit down on the green grass…  and taking the five loaves and two fish he looked up to heaven, said a blessing and broke the bread…  They all ate and were satisfied.                                     from  Mark 6 30-46

I tell the Scouts, after 10 days of Meals Ready to Eat (“MREs”) you will never complain about food at home.  Although MREs have gotten better over the years.

The Crews are given packaged meals which include a ‘main course’ (just add boiling water, stir and wait 8-10 minutes – of course it helps to accurately measure the amount of water – we’ve all had oatmeal soup).  Then there’s a drink mix, maybe hot cocoa or Gatorade mix, and some snacks.  Banana chips are not popular around here, the Swap Boxes (where at a staff camp you dump the things you don’t want and dig for those items you do want) the Swap Boxes are full of packs of Banana Chips, and Sriracha Peanut Butter (which I happen to like, so I have a lot of packs from the Swap Boxes).

The meals are packaged for two people to share.  Lunch 1, Breakfast 2, Dinner 10, and you can of course decide which meal you want when.  For example, Troop One today wisely ate Lunch #? for breakfast as lunch is not a cooked meal.  They wanted to get on the trail early.  So they saved the cooked breakfast for lunch after they had arrived at Santa Claus Camp (don’t ask), did their clay shoot, set up camp and had an extended free time when they could actually cook lunch – Breakfast #?  Decisions like this are great and show creativity and forward planning.  Plus, they found two or three more packs of Breakfast meal #? in Santa Claus’s Swap Box, so, as the loaves multiply…

They all ate and were satisfied.”  with biscuits, gravy and sausage (in a joint pouch which made this kind of porridge stuff, what can I say).  Though they discovered that a little more water would have been a good idea!  It was their first day without a Ranger guide so they’re on their own and they have to learn these things.

So how do I know all this?  I found out from our dispatcher there were some items and mail needing to go up to Head of Dean Camp (on the way to) and to Santa Claus Camp.  I knew Troop One would be at Santa Claus (which is a LONG way up the mountains).  I explained that my Troop would be there and Gene said, “Well then, it’s a slow day (which we seldom have).  Go on up, take your time, and enjoy the day.”  And I did.  Attached are a couple of pictures of the day.

And all were satisfied.

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