Day Sixteen – The feast of St. James, the Apostle

Who is the greatest in the kingdom of God?

In today’s Gospel reading, the mother of James and John ask Jesus to place the boys on his right and left hand in the kingdom.  In the parallel version the boys themselves ask, “Who is the greatest?”  And the disciples argue about it.

He is a nice quiet kid that the Scoutmaster “volun-told” he would be the Chaplain’s Aide for the trek to Philmont.  He wasn’t quite sure what that meant, but he read the description of the duties of a CA, and when he got here, attended the brief CA’s instructional meeting.

Talking with the Crew Advisor on one of the staf camp cabin’s porch, I learned that he was doing his job – saying grace at meals, leading the Crew through what we call “Thorns, Blossoms and Buds”  (what was the worst thing today?  What was great?  and What are you looking forward to tomorrow).  That’s pretty simple stuff.

But I also learned that he was doing his better job.  Without the (youth) Crew Leader knowing it, Ian was keeping track of how he was doing.  If Jake seemed a little stressed Ian would strike up a conversation which had nothing to do with it, but would eventually find out what was bothering Jake.  He did this with several other Crew members throughout the week.

“Whoever is the be great must be the servant of all” Jesus said to the disciples today.  Ian got it without even knowing it.

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