Day Nineteen – Oh, sure!

[So, 2 days after I transgress my pattern of using a Daily Office (Morning and Evening Prayer) routine of readings as a basis for my reflections, Psalm 84 is assigned for this evening!  Which is OK by me, as it is one of my favorite Psalms and I get to reflect on it more.]

Those who go through a desolate valley will find it a place of springs…
They will climb from height to height
and the God of gods will reveal himself…

God help Troop One!  No sooner have they gotten off their bus ride up to their drop-off point to begin their trek when it began to pour.  The fortunate part is I have a connection to Logistics as you’ve learned and found out yesterday what the week’s weather looks like.  Pretty much the same as we’ve had the past couple of days.  Periods of strong wind and rain, thunder and lightning.  So I warned the Troop and they had their rain gear and pack covers at the ready.

Nonetheless, we on staff are not at all unhappy (though we have to be wary of flash floods and driving on treacherously slippy roads – yesterday, the ‘highway’ out of Cimarron to the west was closed for several hours as the Cimarron River (we would call it a ‘creek’) which parallels the road was flooding.  So with the advice of Logistics, I didn’t make it to Cimarroncito Camp to do a joint Catholic/Protestant service (one of our Catholic Chaplains is at World Jamboree for the weekend, leaving us short-handed.)

As I said, we are not unhappy.  There was NO rain last summer which did not alleviate the dry fire conditions.  The rain this month is more than welcome.  The desolate valleys, plains and mountains leap for joy.

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