Day Four  –  The Twelve

Jesus saw Simon and Andrew fishing and told them to follow and he would make them fish for people; then sees two others, James and John, and called them…                 Mark 1: 16-20

A typical Crew at Philmont has twelve participants, no more and none less than eight,  So, of course, “The Twelve” makes me think of similarities between the Big 12 and these 12 who come here as a motley Crew:
First there’e Pete and his younger brother Andy;
Pete’s kind of thick headed and impetuous,
and Andy is just the annoying kid, but likeable – he gets others to join in.
There’s another set of brothers Jim and John who are always fighting for superiority.
Phil and Bart – we don’t know much about them, they kind of stay on the sidelines.
Tom is always skeptical.
Matt collects the troop dues, while Judas keeps the accounts.
Another Jim, the Scout-Master’s younger brother.
Nate who is the guy that gets along with everyone – he’s just a nice kid.
And finally Simon who comes in from another Troop

So imagine hiking around the country with this group trying to accomplish great things – like climbing rocky mountains in the heat of New Mexico, or trying to save the world.

Some get discouraged and betray the rest, leaving the mountain to go home.  Others rejoice when they have accomplished a major task.  Some, we mentioned Jim and John, fight amongst themselves and with the Scout-Master.

I tell our Crews here at Philmont that “If Jesus can use the Twelve he called to walk his walk, you can dwell with your tent-mate, your fellow Scouts, your adult Advisors for 10 days.”

What about you and your co-workers?  Your family?  You don’t have to like any of them, but you do have to love them!

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