Day Eleven – Living Water – or – Water for Life

Like as the hart desireth the water-brooks, so longeth my soul after thee, O God.                       Psalm 42

Dehydration is one of our most common ailments out here.  “Hydrate, hyrdate, hydrate!” is our mantra.  You don’t realize, often until it’s too late, how crucial water is.  It is very dry here, and sweat is seldom noticed as it dries almost immediately.  We recommend that you drink at least four Nalgenes (the standard water bottle in these parts) each holding a litre of water.  I think it should be more, but then, do as I preach, not as I do.  I am the worst at keeping my liquid intake on a hike, I admit.

We could tie today’s Psalm with the Gospel story of the woman at the well and Jesus’ promise to give her the living water of life.  We know he is speaking spiritually, and I get that – the soul athirst for the living God.

Yet we must recognize there are many even in our backyards who do not have clean drinking water.  In Wayne County that may not be an issue – or is it?

Here at Philmont most of the camps have potable water sources.  Quite a number have to rely on ‘water buffalos,’ large tanks of water which is trucked in to camp so that hikers can refill their Nalgenes and Camelbacks (or as I use, old Gatorade bottles – creative recycling!)  And yet there are a number of ‘dry camps.’  So you have to plan your trek wisely.  (That’s another job of Logistics and our long experience of sending Scouts out into the wilds).

With the high heat of summer, here and back home, we all need to be conscious of the need for water on the earth.

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