Day Eighteen – God’s dwelling-place

How dear to me is your dwelling, O LORD of hosts!
My soul has a desire and longing for the courts of the LORD…                   Psalm 84:1

There are three original Back-Country Base Camps (still in use as three major staffed camps with exciting programs).  This was before the ‘new’ Base Camp was built down at the bottom of the mountains.  Each of the three originals have 2 chapels (one has the third for Jewish observances, but with only one Jewish Chaplain it is difficult to hold services in two places at once.)

The problem is the chapels are often neglected and the furnishings – pulpit and Altar – fall into disrepair and weathering.

We also maintain Rayado, the hacienda and remains of the Sante Fe Trail community which Kit Carson – yes, that Kit Carson, of Western history – established as a way-station for covered wagons and their travelers.  Carson’s hacienda, stables, a Trading  Post and a small Catholic Church – The Church of the Holy Family.  It is a ‘cute’ (if Churches can be cute) stucco building.  If you’re familiar with St. John’s in Hamlin or Christ Church, Indian Orchard, Holy Family is a bit bigger.  Years ago, I took on a service project of cleaning the Church.  (See, the OCD habits run deep!)  It tuns out there was to be a wedding in a couple of weeks, and the woman who is generally in charge of Holy Family was thrilled with me.  (Another star in my crown).  I plan to do some work there again this week.

So back to Ponil, Cimarroncito and Beaubien Base Camps.  I got some paint, varnish and brushes from Maintenance last week and have begun making God’s houses look like someone cares.  And that those who come to worship may find a welcoming place.

As Mom used to say, “It may not be perfect, but it’s better than it was.”




Members of Boy Scout Troop One from Honesdale arrived this afternoon – finally!  A soon as they arrived intermittent thunderstorms hit us!  They blame themselves.  But so far, all is good.  We got them registered, settled in Incoming Tent City, dinner, Chapel and Opening Campfire.  PLUS, we had a double rainbow!  Here is a picture of them right off the bus.  Over the course of the next week and a half, I’ll keep you updated on their trek.  I love these guys as I have seen most of them from Cub Scouts on up.

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